© Alex Vignoli - "Flying like eagle", 2017, birds Series, photo-montage, print on paper or plexi-glass, 12" x 40"

ALEX VIGNOLI  (Brazil, 1965)
Southampton, NY and Miami, FL based, Alex Vignoli is a commercial & fine art photographer with over two decades of experience within the visual art world. First inspired in his youth by his father’s photos of Gaza, Israel, and Europe during a peacekeeping tour with the United Nations, Alex began his path towards expressing his creativity and design through photography. Taking queues from Da Vinci, Dali, Escher and other Surrealism artists; Alex embraces the fine art lexicon as a whole to discover new perspectives, and to enhance his own artistic reach with his works and images.

While creating photographs, digital collages, paintings, illustrations, and sculptures, Alex immersion within the art world extends beyond creation alone for extensive experience in 30 years. For over two decades (1994-2016), Alex worked closely with the artist and real estate developer J. Steven Manolis.

Alex’s award-winning history as an art professional has allowed him to have a career filled with more than 50 exhibitions, in addition to working with some of the studios, advertising agencies, newspapers, and printing businesses in Brazil and the United States. His artwork is home to private and corporate collections in eleven nations (Brazil, Costa Rica, England, France, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Spain and the United States) around the world.

Alex Vignoli is currently reviewing and developing new series of images. His series Livros (Books) is divided into 5 collections of over 50 images which harken back to the fundamental way humanity has told stories since antiquity. Through manipulation and investigation, images in Livros have unique narratives that foster creative and inquisitive thoughts with its viewers. “I am a messenger creating visual stories”, Alex said.

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Achievements and Awards:
Nominee for the III Visual Arts Press Award 
for the Fine Art Photography category. The event will take a place on the Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

• ViewBug.com (world biggest online photo competition): Vignoli received over 2500 awards and peer recognitions since he joined the site in 2013.  His first Achievement in Originality Award was in 2013 for his abstract photo "Long Beach Harmony".  Many of Alex’s photos have been on the Top Class for more than 620 times and were selected several times to be the feature of the month and contest finalist. The site invited him to be a Curator in 2015 and be a VIP member in 2016. My Viewbug website link: alexvignoli.viewbug.com

• 2006 - Most Thought-Provoking Award (by public votes) with "Freedom of Knowledge", digital photo montage, archival pigment print on fine art paper - Art Competition at The Crazy Monkey Gallery, Amagansett, (NY). 

• 2004 -
Honorable Mention Award with "Human Blend 1", digital photo montage, archival pigment print on paper - Curator: Alicia Longwell (Parish Museum, Water Mill, NY) - Photographers' Choice Show at the Southampton Public Library, SH (NY) - Photographers East Group.

• 2000 -
Honorable Mention Award with “Cliffs of Hamptons”, photo, archival pigment print on paper - Members Juried Show at the Southampton Cultural Center, SH (NY) - Southampton Artist Association 

• 1998 -
Honorable Mention Award – “Untitled”, digital illustration - Juried Painting Show at the East End Art Council, Riverhead, NY
• 1997 -
First and Second Winner (yes! he got 2 prizes in the same contest!) - Architecture category: “The Station” and Still Life category: “Dried Flowers” - Photo Contest at the Riverhead Free Library, Riverhead, NY 

• 1990 -
Winner, Logo Contest for the Centro Cultural UFMG (Cultural Center-National University), Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

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